We see an important role for designers in education, based on the current technological developments. It is their task to bridge the gap between existing learning materials and future possibilities. Studio Tast is specialising on the intersection between technology, design and people. That’s how we are creating an inspiring learning environment fitting the perception of current and future generations in a continuously changing society.

this is our team:

Mitchell Jacobs

Creative Director

Pim Knops

Technology director

jules huisman

Technology Designer

Anouk van den Hurk

Design strategist intern

Kevin Bekker

Technology intern

Lara Leijtens

Graduation intern

Stef verberk

Interaction designer

lars kuijpers

Design strategist

Otis Overdijk

Media design intern

Veerle van Wijlen

Design intern


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this is our story:

the start

In 2014, Mitchell graduated excellent as MSc. Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven with his design vision "Design for Education" and the product Goed Wijzer. Subsequently he founded Studio Tast in order to bring his vision and design products effectively to market. Mitchell Jacobs is full of passion in life as an Industrial Designer and an curious enthusiast. As a child already an explorer of the world. He was learning and understanding the world through doing, which made it understandable by making mistakes, learning from it and grow. This investigative attitude became the backbone of his design vision: make people willing to learn with joy and motivation by doing.

Studio tast now

Meanwhile, the studio has grown into a multidisciplinary team with whom we work on various challenging education innovation projects. We do this both by means of our own projects, but we do not shy away from challenges as well. These projects take place both within education and in other contexts where a fresh look at learning is needed. Through our self-developed didactic design method we can find a suitable solution for every problem.