design based learning

Target group 1 to 5

By means of design thinking you learn to think in possibilities. Design thinking offers different ways to work from a problem to a solution, where you put the end user at the center. All this on the basis of applying different design and research methods. The methods are activities that help you further without having to know the end result in advance.

This training can be used at different levels. From short inspiration and introduction workshops to multi-day in-depth implementation training.


STRATEGy design &
VISIon development

Target group 3 to 5

Are you working on innovation in your school or organization? But do you have difficulty with developing a concrete action plan? From Studio Tast we guide deepening workshops in order to develop a well-founded (design) strategy. During this session, several experts from Studio Tast will be present to help you understand, dissect and translate the challenge into new implementable possibilities, innovation systems and/or change management.



Target group 2 to 5

Sometimes you want to sit back and be inspired. Then we offer customized lectures and guest lessons. The goal of the presentation is to show the potential of design thinking and its purpose in different contexts. There will be interactive elements integrated to create an active session and let the audience experience design thinking. During the presentation the workshop setting and challenge will be introduced and explained, so all participants receive the same workshop introduction.



Target group 3 & 4

Do you want to (re)design your curriculum that allows you more room for project-based work, talent development, context-rich learning and soft skills? Then you are at the right address. Together we will be looking for ways in which we can set up a new curriculum based on vision development with room for teachers, pupils and the environment.