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Teachers want to give inspiring and challenging lessons, but often find themselves not having enough time and space for the customised and personal guidance. Bigger classes, formfitting education, increasing administration, and documentation, result in feeling out of charge of their own classroom. That’s why we developed Briter. Briter is a personal digital class-assistant for a teacher packed with smart links and handy tools to get the best out of themselves and each pupil.



contemporary education

To gain insight into the development, Briter collects data from, for example, Cito and method tests, digital teaching material, games and apps. These data are converted into structured information that is immediately usable for you as a teacher. Based on the suggestions, you can create an individual curriculum and prepare materials in the child's task scheduler. The pupil can then work on these tasks, also outside of the school's (m) hours. In this way you connect to the learning process and the needs of the individual student. With Briter you get time and space again to do what you eventually become a teacher: inspiring teaching and getting the best out of yourself and every student.

Performed services

Concept research and development strategy

Graphic and UI/UX design

Platform design

Front-end/Back-end development

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