Kamp Vught

Learn from dilemma’s of the past and present

On behalf of the Kamp Vught foundation, we developed a dilemma game to make their protectors (people who donate to Kamp Vught) aware of the importance of Kamp Vught.


Stichting beschermers Kamp Vught

What does the game entail?

The dilemma game takes you back to the moment Kamp Vught were built; the second world war. As a player, you get beneath the skin of a mayor, manager or cardinal from that time and will face difficult ethical dilemma's. The game confronts you directly with the consequences of your decision and mirrors the historical for topical dilemma's in a subtle way. What are the similarities with the small and big decisions you make nowadays, maybe even without being aware of it? What are the consequences and are they inevitable? A minimalistic physical game board symbolizes the different playing fields of the ethical dilemma's. A game leader directs the group of players through the story and discussions. The goal is not to win but for teambuilding, awareness and developing the inner moral compass.

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