Stack je money

Saving money in the 21st century

Stack je Money is a project initiated by Shaun Figaroa in collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation and Initiate. With Stack je Money (Stack your Money) we want to give young adults an overview of their money (what goes in and what is being spend?), and we want to show them that money is a tool to realise dreams. How much should I save up for that summer vacation? In Stack je Money you'll be able to see that in a second.


Dutch design foundation & VNG

The game changer

What's unique about this application is the Game Changer. You're able to play with money without it having any consequences for the real world. What can I do to change my pending pattern to have enough money for that goal (vacation)? In addition to the app, Stack je Money will also be linked to a campaign and workshops. In this way we want to reach young people effectively with more than just an app.

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