Storytelling in the classroom

Stories; everyone reads, hears or sees them (almost) daily. Children love to be read, but also like to tell stories themselves. In education, you can use a story as a way to transfer information, knowledge or skills. Both in socio-emotional level as linguistic level or professionally. But how do you let children tell a story themselves and stimulate their creative thinking? Therefore, the Story Blocks are developed.


Library of Eindhoven

How to use them?

he Story Blocks are divided into four different categories. • Who (yellow): Around this person the story should be told, it could be the main character of the story or a character that comes along. • What (Green): This is an object that should be in the story. • Where (blue): This is where (part of) the story should play. • Emotions (Red): What is the emotion that carries the story, this is sad, romantic, happy g.z.m.d. to be. It is intended that children will tell, write or draw a story. The story has to be built through the Story Blocks. Dice or choose random who, what and where. You can provide an extra layer to the story adding the fourth (emotion) block to it.

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