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Primary school Wonderwijs will be a fusion school of 3 primary schools in a totally new building, but also a new educational concept. How can Design Thinking be used to design a new educational concept? With this question we have taken up the challenge together with primary school Wonderwijs. Here are the first steps towards a new educational curriculum:


Primary school Wonderwijs

About curriculum design

The aim of the new elementary school is to stimulate every talent with the following thought: " With our education we will prepare children for a new future, which of course means that we will also teach differently, not a permanent place all day in a full classroom. one teacher and textbooks give shape to education, but a challenging and flexible learning environment in which your talents are dealt with and where you are constantly supervised by a team of teachers who know you well and use the latest educational technology. To work, we use digital learning tools, children will all work with tablets, but they will also be taught in so-called learning and discovering studios in and around the school, as well as math, language and reading at their own level. and they work problem-solving, creative and with their hands within thematic education. "

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