the art of programming

GoTo is a drawing robot for kids from 6 to 99 years of age with which they can create their own interactive art pieces. Drawing tools such as pencils, markers and brushes can be attached to GoTo’s arm. With a laptop you can easily program GoTo. This enables kids to create their own interactive art while at the same time learn how to write code in a playful way. This fun and prepares them for the (digital) world of tomorrow.
how to use goto
GoTo is easy to use in the classroom. Children can connect GoTo to a computer or a laptop and start with their favourite programming language (for example Scratch or Arduino). In addition, there are currently lessons and activities to support the teacher with lesson plans. You can check the lesson plans here (Dutch only):
GoTo is also part of The Creative Code. The Creative Code is a learning path for creative programming for primary and secondary schools.

purchase GoTo?

There are two possibilities to start working with GoTo. Purchase GoTo per piece or as a school package.
See the options and prices below or read the most frequently asked questions (Dutch only).

single GoTo

GoTo can be ordered by piece. You can start programming right away by connecting GoTo to a computer or laptop.


per robot (incl. VAT & excl. shipping cost)

GoTo school kit

Want to offer extensively learning to program in your classroom? Then there is a GoTo schools package available. This allows you step by step to teach students (creative) program with their favorite programming languages. For this purpose a learning path is available.


10 robots + GoTo learning path
(incl. VAT & excl. shipping cost)
Another number of GoTo's available on request
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