About loep
Loep brings design thinking and design-based learning towards regular education. Loep is a teaching method which consists of a physical toolkit and an online platform. Students work in project form with themes that tie in with the existing curriculum. Teachers get the necessary resources to apply design-based learning to their existing lessons. This is a complete kit that enables teachers to make the link between current learning objectives and objectives of the future.
Loep consists of a physical toolkit and an online platform. Students work in projects with themes that tie in with the existing curriculum. The students go through several process steps and perform related activities. These process steps and activities are based on design based learning and design thinking and applicable to existing lessons. The toolkit makes these steps tangible and the online platform supports both teacher and pupil in their performance, recording and monitoring of the learning process. Step by step, we are working to develop the 21st century skills needed by the learner to learn permanently.

purchase Loep?

There are three possibilities to start with Loep.

+ method

Only request the (physical) toolkit? It is possible to order single Loep toolkits. You also get access to the underlying method via the website or by scanning the wooden tokens with your mobile.


per toolkit (incl. VAT & excl. shipping cost)

+ basic learning platform

Loep flourishes when you combine the toolkit with the online platform. In the platform you can prepare and set up projects and work on skills of the future.

€79,- + €2,-

per toolkit + per leerling per jaar
(incl. VAT & excl. shipping cost)
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become a Loep trainer

Are you interested as a trainer to use Loep and Design Thinking in your training courses? Then we offer the opportunity to become a certified Loep Design Thinking trainer. In a one-day training, we teach you how to deploy the method. This allows you to add a renewed instrument to your trainers product range.
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