Goed Wijzer then

In 2014, Mitchell graduated excellent as MSc. Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven with his design vision "Design for Education" and the product Goed Wijzer. Goed Wijzer is a clock reading experience for children, age 7 to 9 years, in primary school education. Goed Wijzer enables children to learn autonomous with their preferred method in the classroom, combining today's technological possibilities with embodied learning.  The product consists of an application which is controlled by a physical clock with tools.

Goed Wijzer now

At the moment Goed Wijzer is being developed into a broader product concerning mathematics education. This is done through the support of the stimulus fund of the Metropool regio Eindhoven and in close cooperation with partners such as Industrial Design TU/e, Hogeschool de Kempel, Afdeling Educatie and Design2Gather. The goal is to present a new version and to collect financing for the actual marketing.

Develop with us

The aim of Goed Wijzer is not that it remains a stand-alone product, but forms the basis of a (future) product line. These (future) products will together form a system with which the teacher and pupil can learn motivated in their own way and at their own pace. Each product will focus on a specific topic and again exist between physical and digital elements. Do you want to contribute to the development process of Goed Wijzer? Then you are very welcome, because together we are strong! 

Contact us for the possibilities.