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suitable for primary schools and secondary schools

GoTo is a drawing robot for kids from 6 to 99 years of age with which they can create their own interactive art pieces. Drawing tools such as pencils, markers and brushes can be attached to GoTo’s arm. With a laptop you can easily program GoTo. This enables kids to create their own interactive art while at the same time learn how to write code in a playful way. This fun and prepares them for the (digital) world of tomorrow.


GoTo is easy to use in the classroom. Children can connect GoTo to a computer or a laptop and start with their favourite programming language (for example Scratch or Arduino). In addition, there are currently lessons and activities to support the teacher with lesson plans. You can check the lesson plans here.

Learning line creative programming

You can use GoTo in the classroom by using the 3 levels (and 9 lessons). Then pupils can work independently creatively. Do you want to do more programming in your lessons? Then the Creative Code of MU Play & Learn is something for you. The creative code is a learning path creative programming for superstructure primary and lower secondary education that complies with the SLO core objectives programming & visual. As a teacher you do not need prior knowledge and you get a teacher training and teaching materials.

The new generation GoTo

The new generation of GoTo's has more stable mechanics and makes optimum use of its electric motors for even more precise creations. The GoTo can take a beating. The warm and durable finish makes the GoTo accessible and pleasant to use.

Goto is:

  • easy and quick to install
  • suitable for different programming languages
  • optimized for various operating systems


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specifications & prices

Single GoTo

What do you get:

1x GoTo


Acces to the GoTo lessons

Software downloads


School package

What do you get:

10x GoTo

10x GoTo Adapters

Acces to the GoTo lessons

Learning path integration support

Software downloads


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