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Available versions: primary schools, secondary schools & higher

How do you create more space for creativity, collaboration and problem-solving ability in your lessons? Learning becomes much more fun and adventurous when you can discover for yourself. But how do you tackle that without losing an overview in your class? Groow helps you to apply design-based learning easily on every level and supports you in all your projects and lessons.

Why design-based learning?

A designer works and learns by moving from a problem or opportunity to a solution, this is called design thinking. Design Thinking is a method that teaches you to think in possibilities and offers several ways to work from a problem to a solution. It is therefore extremely suitable for gaining more freedom in the learning process without losing an overview. GrooW has been specially designed to make this process accessible to education. With GrooW you can easily design lessons or students can discover new information themselves.

What is Groow?

Groow supports you or your student in designing a lesson or project to travel step by step from the starting point (problem) to the end point (solution).

The physical Groow toolkit helps you to divide this journey into (5) different design steps that you literally put on the table. With the (40) activities there is always a way to get ahead and give substance to your journey. This makes designing learning understandable and tangible with room for different skills and learning styles.

On the digital Groow platform you will find instructive videos and explanations about all design steps and activities. In addition, it is filled with personalized tutorials and practice projects so that everyone can step on their own level and you can apply the design learning directly to every lesson or project!

Groow in use

Groow can be used anywhere where something is designed.

As a teacher, for example, a short activity to introduce a new theme, setting up a series of lessons or a cross-curricular project. As a student, for example, when planning and devising your profile assignment. During the lesson, the teacher keeps structure and overview within the classroom. While students have the opportunity to experiment, or even design their own lesson. When they have ownership over their own project, this offers freedom for different types of learning (thinkers and doers) and ensures that the learning really starts.

Getting started

All physical tokens in the Groow toolkit are explained on the platform with catchy videos and texts. With the tutorials and practice lessons you learn to make Groow your own, but if you really want to become familiar with the didactics of design-based learning then we offer start-trainings. In this you will discover the activities together with us and you will learn how to use GrooW in a versatile way for level and type of student. This training is designed for all levels of education (primary, secondary schools till university level).


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Single toolkit

what do you get:

Toolkit with

5 design-step tokens (from each step 3)

40 activities tokens

1 start and end point tokens

8 emotion tokens

3 checkpoint tokens

3 Repeat tokens

1 account for the Platform

(additional accounts can be ordered separately)


PRO platform

What do you get:

Expansion of the platform to your own wishes.

Such as, for example:

Build a portfolio

Add reviews

Integration with other systems

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