With the Groow toolkit and the online platform you create space for flexibility and ownership for all your projects. Groow offers structure and guidance to easily design learning processes. Everyone works towards the same (learning) goal, but how you get there can be released with Groow. This allows everyone to learn in their own way and soft skills can become part of the standard learning process. With the help of different building blocks, everyone works from the same basis and language. With the online platform, projects, processes, learning goals and evidence can be salvaged and shared, creating a dynamic portfolio. This creates a visual overview of the total learning experience and growth.

Who is Groow suitable for?

Groow can be applied at all levels of education, from primary school to university and from student to educational innovator. You can see it as learning a language. At primary school, your language is not yet very complex, but it will grow with you for the rest of your life. Groow facilitates this growth with design based learning and working.

To successfully implement design learning in practice, a good blended solution is required. The physical Groow toolkit provides guidance and inspiration during the design and learning process in various ways, including starting and ending points, 40 activity building blocks and 5 process step building blocks. The Groow platform offers educational support, space for deepening and assurance of learning processes. In addition, the Augmented reality scanner connects the online and offline worlds by retrieving information about all building blocks. Soon you will scan your entire process and load it in the online platform in one go.


Groow challenges you not to come to a solution directly, but to achieve it through a varied design and learning process. This creates space for the development of soft skills in addition to the (traditional) learning objectives. Groow offers various ways of supporting this type of learning. From total direction as a teacher / coach to full ownership for the student / student.

Groow consists of 5 complexity levels in order to make the step-by-step transition from content-driven education to demand-driven education with a lifelong learning mindset. In addition, you can visibly safeguard processes, assess skills and thus make growth truly visible on the Groow platform.