The Klik-platform

Klik is a simple and secure online platform in which a community can be set up with the local network in and around the school, but that is by no means everything. Klik consists of the following components:

User profiles: The profiles in Klik are richly filled, creating a broad picture of all professions, skills and experiences in your network.

User groups: Klik consists of three types of user groups. The coach/teacher and student from the school and the guest expert/parent/guardian or alumni from outside the school.

Filtering and searching: Thanks to the extensive search and filter functions, you can quickly and easily find a match with your issue.

Secure communication: Have you found the right match? Then you can contact them safely. The contact details of the recipient remain anonymous, so the recipient has full control over his / her privacy.

From abstract subjects to real stories

Klik is the tool to bring subjects and projects to life. This is done by having the network in and around the school participate in education through a self-established community. Here it is easier for you as a student to find suitable knowledge and expertise. People with broad interests and diverse professions can also inspire these pupils / students with (possible) future study and / or professional directions. This allows pupils / students to understand more quickly why they need to learn something and they can ultimately more easily choose concrete follow-up studies or professions.

Security & Privacy

The direction of your Klik community is entirely in the hands of the school. For example, external parties can only enter the community at the personal invitation of a teacher / coach or a student. In this way, everyone from the first-class network enters the community and because the administrator can see who has been invited by whom, the privacy and security of everyone within the community is guaranteed. In addition, every user can decide who will see which information and what you can be approached for. In the case of a contact or communication request, the data of the receiving user also remain protected and he / she can determine whether personal data is shared. In short, a safe place where everyone has a grip on their own data and involvement.