Support & trainings

We are always available for questions and support to help you out if you struggle with our tactive-platform. If you want to get even more out of it, we offer facilitated sessions and / or training, to guarantee you the best experience with our tactive-platform. During a session and / or training with us, we’ll address an issue as desired. A facilitator from Studio Tast will, in consultation, prepare the session, lead it and guide you to a successful end result. If you want to professionalize your team or if you want to organize a creative team activity, you can opt for a training, in which we take you through the ins and outs of successful creative cooperation.

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Combine Tactive with the other products of Tast

Tactive is part of the product line of Studio Tast. With all of our products you create space for creativity, collaboration and problem solving in your organization. 
Groow meets Tactive: Use Tactive while performing a Groow designing process. 
Unblok meets Tactive: Work offline with Unblok and continue online in Tactive. 
Klik meets Tactive: Involve your Click-network in a Tactive working session.

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