Every person learns, experiences and communicates differently. That is why we design tangible solutions that help you learn in your own way and thus bring organizations into transition. With the current technological developments we see an important role for designers in changing organizations and education. Our task is to bridge the gap between existing issues and future possibilities, so that the learning environment fits in with the experience of current and future generations in a constantly changing society.

This requires a new perspective on the development of products, spaces and curriculum within both education and other organizations. To make this possible for everyone, you need inspiring experiences that stimulate your curiosity and motivate you to grow by doing. The combination of design and technology has the potential to facilitate those experiences and thereby get the best out of everyone. Because learning happens everywhere and always.

Design thinking

By means of design thinking you learn to think in possibilities. Design thinking offers different ways to work from a problem to a solution, where you put the end user at the center. All this on the basis of applying different design and research methods, which you use as needed. The methods are activities that help you further without having to know the end result in advance. Design thinking is therefore extremely suitable to bring more flexibility, lifelong learning, soft skills and ownership in education and learning processes.

learning through your body

Embodied learning, or learning through the body, allows people to discover the world by doing and assigning value to this by using the capabilities of all our senses. By incorporating this into our products, we make it possible for everyone to learn their own way.


We make learning tangible by using design thinking and "learning through your body" as a basis for our product developments. Over the years this has resulted in our own education design method, in which we bring together didactics, professional content, design and technology. Curious about the details? Then we would like to explain this to you once.

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