Visual cooperation and communication

Suitable for all ages

Unblok is a communication tool to make thoughts, problems ideas, processes etc. tangible through storytelling. The wooden shapes are divided in different categories and need to be defined by the whole team in order for them to be used. Only then you know for sure that you're working on the same problem and you may even find out that your problem is different than initially thought.

The power of visual storytelling

By means of visual storytelling you can clearly convey your thoughts and let someone else experience them. A story provides an overview and makes it easier for people to frame and identify insights with them. As a result, conscious and substantiated choices can be made. Visual storytelling provides structure and context through which people can better experience, remember and tell a story. Ideal for gaining insights into all your challenges.

Unblok for organizations

Because of the active attitude, all participants have ownership over the result and everyone has developed the same definition. This leads to surprising insights on your challenge. An additional advantage is that misinterpretations are prevented because together you visually analyze and dissect the process. This makes working together and communicating more fun, more active and more effective.

Unblok for schools

Storytelling can be used by teachers (teams) or by students. Use it as a teacher (team) to get a picture of your goals together or use it as a method to convey knowledge to your students through imagination. Stories function as a tool to communicate knowledge in a contextual way. It is suitable for students to get an overview of a problem / challenge and thus to create control and ownership over a project.


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