Who is Unblok suitable for?

Unblok is suitable for anyone who wants to create new insights into challenges or opportunities. This is possible individually, but works especially well in teams. Due to the active attitude, all participants bear ownership of the result and a joint conclusion is reached. This makes working together, meeting and communicating more fun, active and effective. Use it for example during brainstorming sessions with your project team, with vision and strategy developments or during meetings with various stakeholders / user groups.

Possible methods

Unblok can be used in various activating methods. A number of the most commonly used variants are highlighted below, but you can of course apply it at your own discretion. The use of Unblok requires little prior knowledge and therefore offers a lot of room for your own creativity.

Brainstorm: Give your brainstorming session extra depth, support and structure with Unblok
Scenarios: Create together or only visual scenarios
User journeys: Go deeper into the experience of your users and partners by making your story tangible
Stakeholder overview: Map all stakeholders in an interactive network visualization
Determining vision: Unblok helps to frame insights in order to set goals easily
Evaluation and reflection: Bring stories to life and share your knowledge and thoughts more easily

Learning profit

Working with Unblok increases
• make substantive choices
• ease of understanding and identifying insights
• experience of the story
• draw conclusions jointly

Working with Unblok
• room to involve various stakeholders
• overview of the challenge
• clear transfer of thoughts and knowledge
• guidance in future process steps
• overview of unclear situations

Working with Unblok reduces
• meeting time
• misinterpretations
• threshold start of process
• threshold to work out thoughts